Building Personal Resilience

Building Personal Resilience

by compasspartnership

Confidence through challenges.

Personal resilience is the capacity to maintain our personal effectiveness when we are under pressure, and the ability to bounce-back from setbacks. This mindset is a combination of things we have in our character and skills we have learned.

In times of great disruption and change in business environments, personal resilience is vital. It can greatly impact on the effectiveness of individuals, their teams and the wider organisation as a whole.

Course Overview.

In this workshop, we examine the nature of resilience, some of the underlying factors and how they can be challenged. We focus on improving clarity and task simplicity, as well as reducing cognitive overload through clear prioritisation.

We look at understanding the emotional impacts that can affect performance, and how to transform these emotions when dealing with tasks.

Participants will:

  • Learn tools and techniques to build greater resilience for themselves and others
  • Develop a more¬†flexible, creative and positive approach to change
  • Become calmer under pressure
  • Build realistic optimism and positive attitude to challenges