Collaboration, Communication, Negotiation and Innovation.

Collaborative Core

Collaboration, Communication, Negotiation and Innovation.

Collaborative Core

by compasspartnership

Transformational Stakeholder Engagement

The Collaborative Core is a proven methodology that enables individuals, teams and organisations to communicate, collaborate, negotiate and innovate more effectively.

The foundations of our approach stem from the Harvard Negotiation Project which have been adapted and built upon to create The Collaborative Core. Participants develop an understanding of the behaviours, needs and objectives of key audiences, whether they are internal colleagues or external stakeholders, to make better quality decisions and take more purposeful action towards achieving their objectives.

The Collaborative Core increases self-awareness and awareness of others, leading towards more transformational ways of engaging with stakeholders.

The programme is a mixture of experiential workshop-based training supported by ongoing management coaching, with further online learning and resources also available.  We will work closely with you to ensure these key elements of The Collaborative Core are tailored to meet the particular requirements of your teams and organisation.

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Collaborative Core cycle - experiential training, management coaching, online learning and support
Collaboration, Communication, Negotiation and Innovation.
Understanding Reality
A lens held up to the landscape to focus in on something in the distance

Developing the skills to understand how we make sense of the world in terms of information, relationships and communication.

Creating Value
A man in a meeting using hand gestures and body language

The process of creating value through understanding interests, creating options and exploring alternatives.

Taking Action
A handshake following a sale

Deciding a course of action to move forward, making sure it is clear who will do what in the relationship, that the action is possible and realistic, and that it can be resourced and delivered.

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Our clients use Collaborative Core to transform the way their teams communicate, negotiate and innovate. It’s a dynamic programme that we can tailor to address the particular needs of your organisation. Drop us an email or fill out the form to find out more.